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Storytellers, Storyshapers..

Our every story starts with some casual laughters and conversations over a perfect cup of coffee or a glass of wine. We like to start every story after some fresh travels and downtime. We talk endlessly about food, music and the fast changing times. We often draw humour from good moments of our nostalgia. Then slowly we start opening some good old books we have been collecting for ever. We revisit random books about Moroccan homes, Indian spices, mediterranean lifestyles. From scattered moments like these, pop out our inspirations and ideas for the stories we would like to share. These stories then shape up our collections for colours, for shapes and for sentiments.

Then what follows is some very exciting times at our studio in Como, Italy. Stories get pinned up as swatches. Moods get soaked in colours. All ideas come up together bonded with beautiful yarns and ribbons. And like all good stories we try to conclude our collection stories happily, over yet another round of laughters, conversations and glass of wine.

Designed in Italy, be-blu! pieces are curated by some happy and hard working hands in Indian factories. We like to see everyone smiling in our community. We follow all fair trade practices and are never hesitant to go extra miles to spread joy and love. We respect craftsmanship and human talents. We believe in less greed and strong work ethics. We try our best to send out lot of positive vibes in all our products and love to pass it on to final consumers of these products.

Ps: the random images in the blog are from our Como studio, from home while we had those ah moments of inspirations and from our lovely Indian factories.