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To the beginning, in the quaint town of Como

As a big part of the world today runs after fast life, fast food and fast fashion, italy fascinates us by beauty of slow ways of living. When we heard terms for the first time, like slow tourism and slow food, we wanted to explore everything possible around these philosophies. Did you know this movement started in italy around late 1980s? All this required was a change of perspectives, to enjoy life like local inhabitants of a destination. It required rediscovering slowly, better ways of life. Traditionally this way of living started with Slow Food Movement in Italy. It was all about promoting consumption of organic foods at fair price. So one fine summer afternoon, in the quaint town of Como, we decided to stay faithful to the philosophy and started just started building a lifestyle around it. Life anyway changes pace, the moment one drives into breathtakingly beautiful town of Como, situated between global fashion capital Milan and very picturesque Switzerland. The world famous Lake Como, doubles its value as a popular tourist destination and address to some very famous celebrities.

The city has charming mix of old and new. The art centres, the churches, the parks, boutique centres all coexisst harmoniously in this little town at the foothills of Alps. For the textile lovers its also so exciting to learn that this has been the hub for best silk industry in the world and has nurtured many global talents of the fashion world. Our slow lifestyle label be-blu has had its humble beginnings from this scenic town. Inspirations were many, excitements went soaring, but then we just slowed down and started breathing all that was close to our hearts. We launched for the first time our stories and lifestyle collections around the luscious green summertime in Como.

Images of some products and mention below Shop the gorgeous scarves soon from our SS19 collection! So the ball is rolling and we have many stories to tell. We have many places to take you with us. Till the time we take you to the next chapter of our storybook, we would love to see you soaking into a slow life be-blu experience in this part of the world. PS : get in touch for curated be-blu! experiences. Photo credits : Team be-blu!